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Title: Misunderstanding
Author: dino_rawr122
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki/Ninomiya Kazunari
Summary: Nino’s butt has been hurting ever since he went out with Aiba the other night. Sho can’t help but wonder what the hell happen between those two.
Notes: CRACK!Fanfic ftw~ xDD I wrote this for a couple of contests I wanted to enter in...that obviously didn't happen xD supppaaahhh old yo!
Disclaimer: I own nothing yo D: Just this easily inspired mind :Db

Sho raised an eyebrow as he saw Nino grabbing his own butt.Collapse )
YAAYYY~ That concludes my fanfic spam. Sorry for no NC-17 :p Maybe next time? I'm working on some stuff right now...let's just hope I'm motivated to finish them xD

Go thank cry1baby for making me post this fic! xD

as always sorry for any grammar mistakes, awkward sentences and all that good stufff ;D

....mou, I realized I didn't put disclaimer's on the other fics I posted...-sighs and starts to edit-

Hope you guys enjoyed~!! Thank you for reading! m(_ _)m


Title: Forever
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Aiba Masaki
Author: dino_rawr122
Summary: Matsujun decides to take Aiba out for a date. It's been a while since they could go out together and enjoy such a beautiful night like this.
Disclaimer: Own nothing yo~!! D: Just this mind of mine~
Notes: Made for my wifey, syri_chii cause she requested a certain kind of fic xD I can't say what kind cause its gonna spoil the fic DD: Also, I played around with the style for this~! I used third POV, but then I would switch it to Matsujun's POV~

You were there for me when I needed you most. We've been through a lot together. More than ten years together as friends and now almost five years as loversCollapse )

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! this one too..I liked how it came out xDD Playing with differet styles is fun/interesting -nodds-

So, now I have a random question. How would you like to get proposed/how you you propose to someone? :D

As always...made for my Ate Aya!♥ Go thank her for making me post these fics and motivating me to finishing them LOL

Sorry for any weird sentences and horrendous grammarrrr~~!

Hope you guys enjoyed! I think I have a fic or two to post left!


Title: Cravings
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/Ninomiya Kazunari
Author: dino_rawr122
Summary: Sakurai Sho starts remembering about the past and everything he's been through in his life.
Disclaimer: Own nothing yo~!! D: Just this mind of mine~
Notes: Another fic written in the beginning of the year I think? I wanna say I was listening to Nishino Kana's song, "Distance," when I wrote this/got inspired not too sure though xDD &&This one is a little different, style wise, as the past fics I've written~

Nino occasionally looked up at from his DS screen and found a certain rapper looking at him like an idiot. His eyes sparkling, mouth forming into a dorky grin.Collapse )


Okay...I hope I don't sound like. conceited or anything? But I gotta be honest...I really loved how this fic ended up♥ xDDD

&&I gotta say, the best comment I got from syri_chii was this:
"EEEEE!! Where did this come from huh? Are you in love!?"

LOLOLOL love that chick♥

As always, sorry for grammar mistakes, awkward sentences and all that!
Hope you guys enjoyed and sorry for spamming! m(_ _)m


Title: Comfort
Pairing: Ninomiya Kazunari/Matsumoto Jun
Author: dino_rawr122
Summary: Nino's enjoying his day off doing what every other person does in life. Wake up late and be lazy~! However, for some weird reason he can't pass a stupid level on his videogame.
Disclaimer: Own nothing yo~!! D: Just this mind of mine~
Notes: Made always for my wifey, syri_chii

Eh? You're ARASHI's gamer. You're a pro.Collapse )


Sorry for any grammar mistakes, weird sentences...all that good stuff! :DD

Made for the always wonderful, Aya~! She answered my prayers when I wanted to write a fic with Nino xD &&I'm shock I don't have a Nino/Matsujun tag! WHAT THE HECK? xDDD I need to write more of these two!

Hope you guys enjoyed~! And I'm posting a bunch of fics...so I'm really sorry for the spam!! m(_ _)m


Title: Chances
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/Matsumoto Jun
Author: dino_rawr122
Summary: Matsujun was the type to like someone afar. He was unsure of his feelings about a certain friend and member. He continuously has little arguments with himself, debating if he should finally open up to Aiba and confess.
Disclaimer: Own nothing yo~!! D: Just this mind of mine~
Notes: Wrote this back in the beginning of the year I wanna say? Haha /fails at posting Anywho, a different style for me I guess you can say? It's first person and written from Matsujun's POV~~

How could I not fall in love?Collapse )

EEP! Sorry for disappearing! m(_ _)m I'm finally getting my butt on posting these completed fics that have been taking up space on my HD LOL

Anywho, as always.....Uhm...Sorry for any grammar mistakes, confusing sentences! All that good stuff xD

Hope you guys still enjoyed~! I'm planning on posting more fics soooo....I'm sorry in advance for all the spam! xD